Texmo Industries Est. 1956

Mechanics Meets: Hyderabad, and Raipur Sales Offices

Knowledge on the products, service, company, Taro Pumps brand and more are given to the mechanics who attend our meets.

Mechanics meets were conducted by Durga Agencies, Pakhi Sales, and Raipur Pipe Center, our Taro Pumps dealers. The meets brought together twenty-six participants in all at Jannaram, Dondi lohara, and Raipur. The Hyderabad, and Raipur Sales Office teams provided support for the meets. The meets were helpful in conveying more information about the company to the participants. If you are looking for a network of reliable pump distributors, think of Taro Pumps! Among other things, information was given on the Taro Pumps product range, 5 Ticks, TCT programme, and new models too. Incidentally, we also have a large collection of industrial motors, monoblock pumps and open well submersible pumps which are also known for their pump safety.

The participants, especially Ramesh, Rahul Sonkar, Surendra Kumar Thakur, and Mahesh Kumar Sahu gave us positive feedback on our brand, product discharge, and performance.