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Mechanics Meet: Santhi Electrical Agencies, Chennai Sales Office

A 45-minute meet for mechanics was conducted under the aegis of our Chennai Sales Office and brought together fourteen participants.

One of our pump dealers, Santhi Electrical Agencies, helped conduct the meeting in Chennai and took the mechanics through useful information such as Taro 5 Ticks, social media, TCT programme, and product range. We also have a vast collection of monoblock pumps that is part of our product range which also includes jet pumps.

Taro Pumps manager conducting mechanics meet

Devan, one of the participating mechanics, talked about the performance of Taro Pumps being better than competitors. We are able to deliver dependable service support, because of the high quality of products, and our promise of 15 years availability of pump spare parts. Overall, the mechanics were happy and we were, as always, happy to interact with mechanics.