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Customers Meet: Shri Dnyaneshwari PVC Pipe & Drip Irrigation, Nagpur

Meets are a great way to give our valued customers more information on products, services, and all the latest development at Taro Pumps.

Just a while ago, Shri Dnyaneshwari PVC Pipe & Drip Irrigation, our Taro Pumps dealer, put together a wonderful meet in Karda for thirty of our customers. The Nagpur Sales Office provided great support for this session. In an event that lasted for one hour, we got the opportunity to deepen our relationships with our customers, which is the best result for pump manufacturers like us!

Taro Pumps manager conducting customers meet

Among many other aspects, information was given on the 5 Ticks programme, company history, our product range that includes agriculture, domestic, and industrial pumps, and maintenance tips. It was especially wonderful to hear from customers Tirupathi Wadje, and Rajeshwar Wadje, who are delighted with Taro Pumps for the transparency in billing process, and quality. Customers were also appreciative of the pump efficiency, the 2-year worry free warranty, and the ease of process of selection of pump automation.