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Customers Meet: City Pipe Syndicate, Madurai

Taro Pumps loves to listen to customers and solve any pump troubleshooting issues they may have. Yes, we have a dedicated customer service team and we also make it a point to go to our customers every now and then.

Thus, when our Taro Pumps dealer, City Pipe Syndicate, organised a customers meet in Vengaipatti, our Madurai Sales Office team was there as well. We got the opportunity to interact with twenty-six customers in a session that lasted an hour.

Taro Pumps manager conducting customers meet

Information about our company, 5 Ticks, and maintenance tips was given to all participants. It was especially wonderful to hear about the positive feedback on our brand & products. Another unique feature is our 2-year warranty that helps customers. P.M.Selvam, one of the participants, spoke about how delighted he is with his two Taro Pumps in operation for the past twenty years! He was specially appreciative of our brand policy. Nothing like customers being our brand ambassadors! It is always great to hear positive feedback about the performance of our water pump motors, and centrifugal pumps!