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Chellakumar Electricals Store and Taro Hub Launch

Chellakumar Electricals Launch: newly renovated store and the Taro Hub implementation.

Taro welcomes Chellakumar Electricals to the world of the Taro Hub! With a newly designed Taro store and access to the Hub, Chellakumar Electricals catapults into an area of high, trustworthy performance!

The Taro Hub is a digital revolution that promises to enhance transparency, eliminate error and make the entire Taro experience completely worthwhile.  Taro requires all dealers to move to the Hub to facilitate easier, hassle-free sales and inventory processes.

A look at the neatly streamlined visual display of Taro at Chellakumar Electricals.

So how does the Taro Hub exactly do this?

  • All product selection is automated, thereby eliminating any room for error or wrong product choice.
  • The Hub provides instant customer access to all data such as discharge, current consumption, product MOC, etc, translating to a significant boost in customer confidence.

Boosting customer confidence, the Taro way, at Chellakumar Electricals

  • Warranty registration is automated, preventing any need for manually entering or remembering necessary data.

The Hub makes it easy for customers to gain confidence and trust in Taro.

  • Taro Pumps gets instant updates on dealer-wise sales, ready stock and inventory statistics, on an everyday basis.
  • Stock between dealers is easy and error-free.
  • Complete digitisation of stock for zero error dispatches.
  • Helps dealers focus more on sales and marketing by automating all processes necessary