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Bhadra Electricals Launch

Bhadra Electricals Launched in Chadchan, Karnataka: brand new 121st Taro Pumps store.

Taro Pumps is witnessing a green revolution of a very different kind with new Taro stores. In this mammoth re-branding and renovation drive, we are delighted to welcome Bhadra Electricals in Chadchan, Karnataka as the latest addition. Bhadra Electricals now sports a minty fresh and green look!

Taro Pumps dealer Bhadra Electricals Launch front view

There is adequate space within for product display, including submersible pumps and information dissemination for the benefit of customers.

Taro Pumps dealer Bhadra Electricals Launch inauguration

When our outlets progress and become part of the Taro Hub, they enjoy lots of advantages like automated warranty updates, effective inventory management and so on. Bhadra Electricals has not only made this transition but has also started serving customers. The Taro Pumps family wishes them continued success!

Taro Pumps dealer Bhadra Electricals Launch interior