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Mr R. Ramaswamy was born in an agricultural family in 1917 and travelled to England in 1937 to study Electrical Engineering at Sheffield University. On his return to India in 1945, his vision was to help farmers by engineering and manufacturing pump sets that were of top notch quality while ensuring they were affordable. In doing so, he would provide employment opportunities in manufacturing, provide a living for families and help them grow away from poverty. Our vision today is to design, build and sell the best and most innovative products in the market segments in which we operate. We will be recognised as the premium brand that provides the best value and return to the customer.


We have been in business for 60+ years and we attribute our sustenance to our core values. Texmo Industries has never ever been interested in or tempted by short term gains. We are a family owned, privately held organisation and we are extremely proud of this fact! Every decision we make is carefully considered for its long term impact. We think different and we think ethically. We make a difference each day for our people, our customers and our supply chain. We are obsessed about protecting this magic.

RGMT Hospital

The Ramana Gounder Medical Trust Hospital is a non-profit healthcare centre located in Thudiyalur, Coimbatore. The objective of the hospital is to render free and quality medical care for women and children from underprivileged society. It has been providing family planning and childcare services since 1976. The hospital is equipped with 50 beds, hi-tech clinical laboratory, blood bank, digital X-ray unit, central oxygen and suction supply, sterile supply, paediatric and neonatal ICU, operation theatre, library, laundromat and a canteen. The hospital is well-equipped and has a spacious outpatient department provides treatment for 100-150 patients per day, mainly infants and pre-schoolers. All paediatric medical emergencies and first-aid to adult emergencies are handled in a well-prepared emergency room. The hospital provides treatment for 15-20 children per day round-the-clock by nursing and medical staff. Regular blood transfusions are carried out for 10 thalassemia children every month. Iron chelation is done under supervision during night hours so as to not disturb the child’s playtime. Around 10–15 deliveries are conducted per month and 30-40 puerperal/interval sterilisations are carried out per month. An in-house blood bank provides whole blood for our thalassemia children and for emergency transfusions.

Taro Green

Texmo Industries provides free water pumps to the village communities through Gram Panchayats and has initiated and sustained Green Taro project with commitment to plant trees. The project was started in 2004 with a mission to increase green across the country. This was to offset the rampant deforestation and rapid depletion of water table in the areas we operate in. A resounding success, the project has actively involved Texmo Industries’ dealers, customers, vendors, and employees with accountability towards the project with reports submitted on plantation as well as nurturing of the saplings planted.

Miss a meal

In 2010, a few like-minded Texmo Industries' employees got together and decided to make a real difference for under privileged children. Thus, began Miss-a-Meal Program where once a month each member would miss one meal and collect this money to organise and/or cook a meal for these children. Each month the meal came with a story, anecdote, inspiring narrative, or any useful information that a member would narrate to them to improve the soft skills of the children. A movement that started with just a few individuals has grown significantly to include almost all employees at Texmo.


In 2012, we were awarded 'the best private employer for employment of differently abled persons' by Tamil Nadu state government. At this point we employed 50+ differently abled people.


Apart from our products being certified to Bureau of Indian Standards and rated for efficiency, we are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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