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Open Well Pumps Frequently Asked Questions

In an open well submersible pump, the motor is hermetically sealed and close-coupled to the body of the pump and will not work unless it is completely submerged in liquid. When a pressure switch is turned on, the impeller begins to spin drawing water into the pump. The water is then pushed through the pump body and brought to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy and then again into pressure energy. Open well pumps are seated on the floor of an underground reservoir or tank and are connected to an electrical supply for operation. 

How do Open Well Pumps work?

It is important to consider the below factors to ensure right selection of open well submersible pumps

  1. Reservoir/ Tank Size: The user should look for a pump which fulfills the water circulation requirement. A general thumb rule is that the pump should be able to discharge 50% of tank volume per hour.
  2. Head: It is the height to which a pump can lift water. Depending on the water requirement and depth of the water source, the customer should select the best model. The water source depth where the pump is seated plus the height at which the water is delivered/discharged is the total head. It is measured in feet or metres.
  3. Outlet/ Delivery Size: It is the diameter of the pipe through which water is ejected from the pump set. It should match the size of the pipe connected to our storage tanks. It is generally measured in Inches or mm.
  4. Material of Construction: This factor does not affect the performance or application of pump but if one is looking for a product that has longer life, they should go for pumps with Noryl impeller and Stainless Steel motor body.

Open well submersible pumps are used in various applications including:

  • Irrigation and gardening.
  • Underground reservoirs/ tanks in bungalows and apartments.
  • Sprinklers and fountains.
  • Hospitals, hostels, swimming pools, commercial complexes and hotels.

No. As open well submersible pumps are totally submerged in water, they do not need to be primed. This means that they also avoid air bubbles in the pump set which may otherwise damage the inner lining of the pump.

Yes. Open well submersible pumps are safe from electrical shorts as water is prevented from leaking into the unit by a hermetically sealed watertight gasket.

However as with all pumps it is still recommended to keep children and pets away from them.

Yes. Open well pumps must be run horizontally to avoid damage.

Open well pumps should not be allowed to run dry as this will cause the parts to become extremely hot and severely reduce the life of your pump. To prevent this you should ensure that the float switches are arranged so that the fill level in the shaft does not fall below the minimum recommended to operate the pump.

Yes, though running a pump continuously will cause it to burn out and require repair or replacement more quickly that if it was run intermittently.

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